What are CBD vaporisers?

What are CBD vaporisers?

Authored By The Hempmeister

What are CBD vaporisers?

If you are new to vaping or CBD then this article could well be of interest. We take a look at vaporisers, in particular vaping CBD e-liquid and why it has become such a popular way to take CBD.

Vaporisers, or ‘vapes’ are a pretty recent way of inhaling a substance via the lungs - most notably in the vaping world, a nicotine based liquid as a way to reduce dependence on cigarettes. But it’s not only nicotine substances that can be vaporised - it’s also something you can do with CBD e-liquids.

Electronic vapes are an easy way to very quickly ingest the CBD supplement, meaning it is activated much quicker than if applied topically as an ointment or ingested internally in an oil or in foods. The vaporiser device’s heating coils turn the e-liquid into an airborne vapour, which can be inhaled directly.

Vaporisers are a desirable method of using CBD, because they can be taken anywhere with you and used discretely - they’re small, portable, and using vaporisers is seen as a very common occurrence in modern public life. CBD vape supplements are also available in a similar range of flavours to other vaporiser products - with different flavours of vapour to make the experience more fun, and tasty.

For athletes, vaping is a quicker, more direct way to get CBD into their system, because of how quickly the supplement taken into the body when inhaled. Nate Diaz has been seen recently promoting vaping CBD in a post-fight conference following the WADA's decision to remove CBD from the banned substance list.

For an even more full-body CBD experience, vaporisers can also be combined with other products, such as CBD body oils and ointments, or with quick-release ingestible CBD capsules.

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