Using CBD in your every day life

Using CBD in your every day life

Authored By The Hempmeister

Getting CBD into your daily routine can be accomplished in a variety of ways - on the go amongst us looking for a discreet, instant CBD hit might find vaping useful, but then again, delicious food items infused with CBD oil also seem tempting. We are aware that for some, CBD is more than just a supplement and has become an essential part of their daily routine, helping to improve quality of life and overall wellness. Methods of getting your supplement couldn’t be more varied - so let’s explore some of the ways you can use CBD in your daily routine, whether you’re exercising or just having a busy day.


How much works for you

Before we get started, let’s talk measurements. For every person, the amount of CBD needed to get the best nutrition changes. Some people need more to get the benefits, and some need less. On our products on our website we include guideline amounts, but it’s important to remember that getting the benefits of CBD varies based on the concentration of CBD, overall body mass of the individual and  the individual’s body chemistry.

As a rule, when using CBD, stick to the amount suggested on the bottle or box to begin with - but it’s definitely something you can experiment with. Finding the right way to use the supplement in your own way is perfectly valid with CBD - it’s incredibly easy for the body to metabolise and like with a lot of hemp products, would need to be taken in a dosage bigger than humanly possible before becoming toxic.


Mixing with meals

One of the most reliable, easy and fun ways of getting your CBD needs is mixing it into your food. This is best accomplished with an oil like our 10ML 5% CBD oil dropper. For example, in your daily routine you might have a breakfast of smoothie or muesli. CBD binds well with yoghurt and fatty products, so mixing it into yoghurt before adding to one of these is a great way to enjoy it.

At lunchtime, CBD oil makes for the perfect addition to your meal, as it’s also a case of mixing it in with something vaguely fatty or oily, but there are many things you can do with it, if you’re only taking a couple of drops. It’s convenient enough to be dropped inside a sandwich, especially if your sandwich has a mayo or sour cream sauce.


After your workout

For those gym junkies amongst us, If you’re working out, running or at the gym, the CBD oil dropper can also work great alongside other supplements such as protein shakes or other sports shakes which are based on milk, just drop it right in. Alternatively you can bring our 30MG CBD capsules with you to help with recovery after your workout.

During your post-work shutdown it’s always good to try and reinvigorate yourself for the next day - so why not try a 1% CBD balm rub down in the early evening? The balms are great on the skin and contain the CBD you need (it can be absorbed through the skin) plus, a little pressure can help soothe tired muscles.


On the go

For the go getting types among us it’s still pretty easy to get the benefits of CBD supplements as you jet around being productive. A medipen CBD e-liquid vaporiser can convert the supplement into a vapor which can be inhaled  whenever you need it. This way, you won’t have to worry about carrying oils or other bits and pieces with you.

There are also our CBD edible gels, which come in a variety of strengths from 100mg to 1000mg, which is great if you’re not partial to vapor - these gummy gels can go with you virtually anywhere. These contain more concentrated CBD than vaporisers deliver, so you’ll have to carry much less as they last a good long while on their own.


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