Looking to Buy CBD Oil UK?

Looking to Buy CBD Oil UK?

Authored By The Hempmeister

Looking to Buy CBD Oil UK?

CBD has become hugely popular in the UK over the past 18 months and it looks like it will continue to be for some time to come. With so many vendors popping up, where do you look to buy CBD oil UK? We take a brief look at some of the things you should be looking for when purchasing your CBD oil in the UK. 

Since October 2016, when it became apparent that CBD was going to be reclassified, meaning that companies trading CBD for medical purposes had to satisfy the legal requirements of the Human Medicines Act 2012, and essentially be licensed and subject to strict regulations and quality controls, it was obvious that many of the companies that were not medically certified would be using untested CBD. Those companies got around the issue by selling CBD as a supplement rather than making medical claims.

Companies trading in CBD as a food supplement are fine to do so provided no medical claims are being made. And that’s where we find ourselves today. In a market with both highly reputable, certified companies, and those selling untested impure CBD across the UK.

What should you be looking for when buying CBD Oil UK?

We are in an industry that for the most part is not heavily regulated, meaning that CBD can be produced and sold without being properly tested. The amount of ways that CBD can be produced varies with again varying degrees of purity and quality. So the main point here is quality. How do you know what actually goes into the CBD you are looking to purchase? The best way to ensure you are getting high quality CBD free from impurities is to look for CTA UK certification, and to make sure the company you are using are reputable.

What levels of pesticides are in your CBD?

During the growing process the hemp plant/crop could have been exposed to pesticides in order to protect the crop either directly or even accidentally from an adjacent field. Although pesticides are common place in food production there are strict limits as to how much is allowable as a residue. Even CBD that is sold as organic may still retain trace amounts of pesticides that are dangerous for human consumption.

Ever Heard of Mycotoxins in CBD?

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring compounds produced by certain types of moulds. These compounds are toxic even in very small quantities. So like with pesticides the amount of mycotoxins allowed in the food chain needs to be strictly controlled.  This is another reason you need to make sure you are using a reputable CBD UK reseller, as some CBD products haven’t been tested at all and may have as many adverse effects as the positive ones you were looking for when initially looking to buy CBD from a UK provider.

These are just a few of things you may not have considered when looking to purchase your CBD from a UK supplier.

At George Botanicals we can assure you that our CBD products meet the highest standards in the industry, let alone the UK. The reason we can give these assurances is due to the fact that our sister company Phytovista Laboratories is here on site. They have some of the most sophisticated CBD testing equipment available in the UK and are contracted by the Cannabis Trades Association UK as an approved testing partner.

Looking to Buy CBD Oil UK Summary

The bottom line here is quality. When you are looking to buy CBD Oil UK you should be looking for proof that is has been fully tested so you can be sure you are buying only the highest quality CBD in the UK, free from impurities and other harmful substances. We will be taking a deeper look into this subject over the coming weeks so check back for updates.


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