Legally Prescribed Medical Marijuana in the UK

Legally Prescribed Medical Marijuana in the UK

Authored By The Hempmeister

Legally Prescribed Medical Marijuana in the UK

Back in December we saw the first person to be legally prescribed medical marijuana in the UK since the law was changed. This makes Carly Barton the first person to be prescribed the drug since 1928!

Sadly despite this sounding like a positive step forward it has not been the great victory everyone had initially hoped for. Carly has been using marijuana illegally to combat the constant pain she has experienced following a stroke over a decade ago.

In order to get the cannabis prescription she had to go for private medical treatment which in turn means that she has to pay for the drugs herself. Three month’s supply will cost Carly £2,500 due to the huge taxes when importing cannabis.

She went to see a private pain specialist Dr David McDowell who agreed to prescribe two different cannabis based drugs under the new rules following the change in law back on 1st November this year. It is now down to the Home Office to arrange the import from Holland and then sanction the delivery.

One of the main reasons Carly has chosen to take this route is in order to highlight the huge costs associated with importing cannabis products as things stand right now.

In a vlog Carly recorded for the community based Facebook group called United Patients Alliance she went in to detail about the process and the lack of systems in place to deal with cannabis imports to the UK.

In short much of the problem is that the amounts Carly needs for a three month supply comes in small quantities, so there are multiple packages, each of which is subject to being taxed. The product itself is relatively cheap at £6 per gram however the rest is entirely import tax.

In the video Carly stated,

‘The Home Office have not come up with a way these products can get imported, each pharmacist has to get an importer, but no-one has been given a licence yet. ‘We are testing the system now, this is going to cost me everything I have but I if I can prove this medicine works and I need it on the NHS.

‘As of now, no NHS specialist has prescribed cannabis yet, so there is a two tier system where if you can afford it you can it privately, and if not, you will be a criminal if you get it from the black market.’

Regardless of the issues being faced, Carly is fighting the good fight and highlighting the floors in the current lack of systems in place to facilitate the recent change in the law.

If you would like to watch Carly’s video blog on Facebook then please click here for further information.

We wish her all the best with her endeavours and hope that the treatment she has given everything for helps in the way she needs.


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