Is vaping CBD better than CBD oil drops?

Is vaping CBD better than CBD oil drops?

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A lot of people have very little experience with vaping, vaporizing, e-liquids, CBD vape additive juices etc, etc. This list of terms, slang, brands and other terms can be confusing to the uninitiated whose only experience are products that are a replacement for cigarettes.

That’s what the association has always been for most;

Vaping = Nicotine

As we have all been told for years, is highly addictive! So, we can understand at George Botanicals that there is and probably always will be a negative connotation associated with vaping.

However, vaping CBD e-liquids (which has no addictive quality) could be a great way to get your daily intake of Cannabidiol. The reason for this is known as “Bio-availability” and the effects this has on the body’s ability to absorb a product.  

Bio-availability is explained by EUPATI (European Patients Academy) as “The fraction (percentage) of an administered dose of the supplement that reaches the blood stream (systemic circulation).”

Therefore, it can be inferred that the more effectively CBD can be ingested and directed to the bloodstream, the better for the user. It is widely thought that because the vapor is inhaled into the lungs that there is a greater amount of CBD absorbed into the bloodstream.

This is directly in comparison to taking CBD in more traditional methods such as orally or topically.  

But the question a lot of people ask is - is it worth trying vaping tools with CBD as opposed to the oil drops (which we also sell)? Well there are pros and cons of each method of delivery, which we will explore in this article in a hopefully helpful overview.

The most useful aspect of drops is arguably that they are the most natural way of ingesting CBD as everyone is relatively comfortable with eating or placing foods, supplements etc into their mouths. However, with this method the oil travels to gut and is absorbed there. This means that the actual active ingredient has to travel farther through the body and is the percentage of CBD absorbed is lower there.

The oils as well can be used in your daily drinks and foods which can be a far more appealing way to ingest CBD. Some people however find the taste overpowering and although it tastes different can be reminded of their childhood days of a spoonful of Cod Liver Oil.

The George Botanicals e-liquids are flavored, so that this is not a problem and you can choose a flavor that you prefer.

Vaping devices will only ever heat to a low temperature and this means that no combustion takes place and therefore the CBD and other ingredients are left untouched. Unlike smoking where the matter is burnt and smoke is released, the method of vaporization means that this health problem of inhaling smoke is taken away.

However, we understand that vaping will never be an option for some, the choice is there for those that choose it.

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