How much CBD should I take?

How much CBD should I take?

Authored By The Hempmeister

How much CBD should I take?

While there are plenty of articles here on our website about the benefits of CBD or how to take it, admittedly we haven’t yet touched upon the amount that you can or should use. In our latest blog we look to answer the question - what amount of CBD should I take?

In truth it’s a very subjective thing to speculate about - each person who uses cannabinoids may experience different effects, and a lot of people report that different amounts of CBD are required before it has an active effect.

What we can do however, is to look into just why that is and talk about neurodiversity in a way we haven’t really gone into much detail on before.

The thing about cannabinoids is they primarily affect the nervous system - which of course includes the brain, as well as the spinal column and associated nerve endings. The interesting thing about neurological diversity is each person, via genetics mostly, has a different and interesting set of criteria or parameters for how external substances interact with their body.

For example, studies show that caffeine, a popular stimulant, can actually help relax people who are diagnosed with ADHD, and even help them concentrate, simply due to their neurodivergence and their unique nervous system parameters. For people with ADHD caffeine can also help regulate dopamine levels and help focus their attention, even calming them down and helping promote sleep - quite the opposite effect it has on the majority of people.

The Endocannabinoid system, part of the nervous system, is no different - a very complicated set of rules and parameters govern how cannabinoids interact with the body, rules and parameters that are only just beginning to be understood. 

What we can say however, is that dosing CBD is a process the user should work out for themselves. A guideline amount of the supplement, starting at 25mg twice a day, can be a great baseline for users to begin with, although interestingly this might even be too much for some.

Can I take too much CBD?

The most common way to start supplementing with CBD is to start low and go slow.  With that said, no clinical trials to date have shown any evidence of psychoactivity against placebo even at doses above 200mg/day, and the World Health Organisation stated in their critical review in 2018 that CBD in itself has been found to have relatively low toxicity and that there is no evidence of any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

Whilst CBD is absorbed well when taken orally, it is quickly metabolised by ‘first pass metabolism’ in the liver- you may experience different effects when you take it in pill form or vaporise it through the lungs. This article from Leafly goes into quite a lot of detail on the ‘bioavailability’ of CBD taken orally - it’s less effective when eaten and can even have more pronounced effects when used on the skin, or as a tincture.

Whatever the relationship you have with CBD and when asking the question ‘how much CBD should I take, the important thing is to not get discouraged if it doesn’t work for you in the same way as others - you might try a higher dosage, a different method of absorbing it, or try a higher strength product. The results are varied and diverse, and ultimately that’s the most exciting thing about cannabinoid products. This is the front line of understanding a whole part of our nervous system we know very little about, and there are so many different people in the world that the more we understand about CBD and our bodies the more we understand about ourselves. So try it in any way you can, if you’re interested. There’s really so much to explore.

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