Hemp-based foods

Hemp-based foods

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One of the most important things for vegans, vegetarians or anyone else reducing meat or animal products out of their diet is to get products that they know fit their dietary needs. All George Botanicals products have been formulated the ensure that they contain no animal products whatsoever.

This means that even the most ardent vegan can add and receive all the wellness benefits including feeling refreshed and empowered day-to-day, guilt-free.

There are also a number of other products out on the market derived from the hemp plant that are becoming more and more prevalent too.

Hemp milk has been touted for its health benefits and has been steadily becoming more and more available, even in larger supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsburys. Some customers have been adding hemp milk to their coffee and then their morning serving of CBD oil to their first coffee of the day.

Hemp milk has a far lesser environmental impact compared to other milk-replacement alternatives such as Soya Milk, Almond Milk as well as hazelnut. These other replacement ‘Milks’ are often heavily processed and can contain GM ingredients. Some great information about hemp milk can be found below.

But hemp has been showing up in other places too, for example in pre-made protein powders which can be added to shakes and other foods. Protein powder is a good way for vegans to manually adjust their intake of protein, and powders like this are also useful for athletes and weightlifters looking to bulk up their muscle mass.

But for the rest of us, where else can we find hemp on shelves today? Hemp seeds have been a staple for years along with all kinds of other seeds, nuts and legumes. Easily available from health food stores, specialist wholefood stores and supermarkets alike.

As well as this, hemp is also starting to make an entry into granola type cereals due to its nutritional profile. As an oilseed, hemp seeds have a uniquely nutritious profile as well as a flavor that’s somewhat nutty - this makes them great to include in cereal, shells off of course - these shelled hemp seeds are called ‘hemp hearts’ and can be added to other foods to bring up their nutrition and protein content too.

So to conclude - it’s obvious people have taken notice of hemp, and while it’s still one of the world’s most controversial plants, mainstream interest usually follows in the footsteps of a more  novel product as demand, availability, and the widely talked about benefits to well-being all start to increase as time goes on.


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