George Botanicals Product Range - Which product is for you?

George Botanicals Product Range - Which product is for you?

Authored By The Hempmeister

Here at George Botanicals we have a large range of CBD products to choose from - and while all of them contain the supplement, there are a myriad of ways to consume and enjoy the health benefits of CBD. Whether you want to inhale, consume, chew or lick your daily supply of CBD, we should have something to your liking, so let’s explore.

CBD Capsules

CBD rich oil can be easily put into capsules, just like your favourite other supplements such as cod liver or iron capsules. They’re fairly easy to swallow and can be spaced out in whatever dosage is required. The capsules themselves contain simply raw hemp plant extracts, as well as the CBD. Currently we stock capsules in packs of 30, each containing 10mg of CBD. The capsules can be taken orally once to three times a day as required.

CBD Oil Drops

Another way to administer CBD is in drops taken under the tongue in the form of an oil based solution. This is a little less easy than taking the capsules, but much easier to control the exact amount required. We currently stock two different strengths of CBD oil droppers, which come in 10ml bottles. The first is a 5% strength bottle containing 500mg CBD, and the second is a 10% strength bottle containing 1000mg CBD.


CBD Edible Gels

Edible gels are a surprisingly new but fun way to consume CBD - each gel is made of plant terpenes as well as the usual CBD supplement compounds, and dissolves on your tongue for fastest possible absorption into the body. Our current gels come in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg quantities. The CBD edible gels come in strips which dissolve under the tongue for about 15 minutes, and can be taken up to once per day.

Medipen CBD E-liquid Vaporiser

Vaporising CBD oil is becoming a really popular way to get the benefits of the supplement, and also E-liquids can be used with existing vaporisers. We stock our own vaporisers on our website, but we also stock Medipen. Medipen is a small, lightweight and portable vaporiser that comes with a coconut oil based solution. It allows you to vaporise CBD oils on the move and lets you experience the benefits of the supplement quickly and easily. Medipen’s refills come in four flavors - strawberry, peppermint, spearmint and a natural flavor. The cartridges also contain cannabinoid supplements including 100mg of CBD, 50mg CBG and 1-5mg CBDV per capsule. The vaporiser itself is stylish and also rechargeable.

You can find the Medipen and Medipen CBD Refills on our site.

CBD E-Liquid

If you already have a vaporiser and wish to use CBD, we also stock CBD e-liquid in 10ml, 100mg bottles. It comes in a natural organic flavour and can be purchased from our site.

Topical CBD Balm

CBD is also available in a topical balm that can be applied to your skin. Our vegan and organic balm is based off hemp oil, shea butter and coconut oil, as well as other plant extracts, and contains 300mg CBD per 30ml tub. It can be applied once or twice daily for the desired effect.

We pride ourselves on the extremely high quality of ingredients that go in to all our CBD products from the CBD itself to the additional ingredients required for each product range. We also know a lot about CBD so if you have any questions about CBD or how to take it please get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you.


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