Coca Cola Reported to Consider the Cannabis and CBD Market

Coca Cola Reported to Consider the Cannabis and CBD Market

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Coca Cola Reported to Consider the Cannabis and CBD Market

CBD news stories are popping up all over the internet at the moment, many with good news reporting how CBD has improved the lives of many people from a number of ailments or conditions that pharmaceutical medicines have not been able to remedy. Well now it is time for the big brands to start weighing in on the CBD market.

It was reported by Bloomberg that Coca Cola Company is in serious talks with Canadian cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis to develop a range of drinks infused with CBD in order to treat pains but not get you high.

Coca Cola, however, is not the only one in talks with cannabis producers to develop cannabis related drinks. It has also been reported that U.S. based firm Molson Coors Brewing Co. is starting a joint venture with Quebec’s Hexo’s Corp. to develop cannabis related drinks in Canada. At the same time Diageo PLC, maker of Guinness, is holding discussions with at least three Canadian cannabis producers about a potential deal, BNN Bloomberg reported last month.

Here in the UK, Love Hemp CBD infused water has been around for a few months now and is going from strength to strength. CBD Oils UK’s food and drinks commercial director Adam Pritchard said, “We can’t make any health claims, but we don’t need to. The benefits of CBD are becoming more widely understood because of the role the press is playing. There are a lot of anecdotal stories out there, stories of people’s lives being turned around because of CBD. But, these are not approved health claims.”

At George Botanicals we believe the idea of Coca Cola hitting the mainstream can only be a good thing. It will bring CBD in the UK into the limelight with huge brand campaigns, which in turn will allow smaller retailers to benefit off the back of that growth.

Sophie Etherington, George Botanicals Marketing Manager said,

“We at George Botanicals have high hopes for the UK and the legislation surrounding CBD and medicinal cannabis so having Coca Cola promoting CBD to the UK population can only be a good thing.”

Either way, the tide is certainly turning for CBD. When the big brands start to pay attention you know it’s here to stay.

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