CBD vs Nicotine – The Effects on the Body and Mind

CBD vs Nicotine – The Effects on the Body and Mind

Authored By The Hempmeister

CBD vs Nicotine – The Effects on the Body and Mind

In this blog we take a look at the effects of both nicotine and CBD on the body and on the mind, and why CBD products can help in swapping one unhealthy habit for a far healthier one.  

In an age of cutting down, cutting back on or even cutting out smoking tobacco, it might seem odd that once upon a time the nicotiana tabacum plant was one of the cornerstones of our maritime society - trade in which became one of the reasons for European colonial expansion into the new world. Whether this was a good thing or not is very much up for debate, but as far as tobacco is concerned, this is a product that has shaped lives around the globe in grand far reaching ways.

How does Nicotine work?

The active ingredient in tobacco is nicotine - which is also found in trace amounts in a lot of other plants in the solanaceae family - the nightshades, which include tomato, potato, bell and chilli pepper and eggplant. The tobacco plant is cultivated outdoors en masse, and yields about 2% nicotine when dried and cured. Nicotine is a highly addictive nervous system stimulant, which when delivered in a dose of around 2mg in a cigarette can help users feel calm and more focused.

The thing about powerful stimulants is that when they’re delivered in small infrequent doses they don’t necessarily cause hyperactivity - in fact they can help the user concentrate or simply just feel better about themselves as opposed to feeling sluggish. This is the reason why nicotine use has become so appealing to humans - it can give you that temporary, barely perceptible edge over a hard day toiling at work.

The trouble with nicotine is the delivery method - tobacco. The plant itself, the smoking of the plant, the curing process and additives used to make it into a dry cured smokable - all of these have well documented horrific effects on the body. Cancers and emphysema of the lungs, dental and gum issues, the list goes on. Nicotine by itself, as an isolated compound, is said to cause little health problems but is still highly addictive.

Obviously this is where vaporising nicotine or ‘vaping’ has entered the picture - the delivery system of turning the product into airborne vapour as opposed to tar filled smoke is a lot less harmful - although further studies are in progress to discern the long term effects.

How does CBD work?

However, there could be another way to deal with the strains of the day without resorting to stimulants - CBD. The thing about CBD is that as a cannabinoid it sits in a unique position as being able to interact with the body in ways that don’t alter the brain and cause physical addiction and dependency. By stimulating the endocannabinoid system, CBD balm takes a much gentler route into the nervous system than nicotine.

As for comparing the effects of CBD and nicotine, it can be argued that both can be used in the same way - vaporised into the lungs via the same sort of vaping device. But the difference in effects is much more pronounced. CBD, for example, stimulates appetite, whilst nicotine can suppress it and help you lose weight. Nicotine causes your brain to release serotonin, dopamine and even certain endorphins into your bloodstream - whilst cbd massage oil is understood to operate directly on the nervous system and reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and reduce feelings of anxiety in the user.

So, arguably both of these products have an effect on the body, making us ‘feel better’. They have a comparable delivery method, are portable, legal and easy to buy from the store. But the choice of CBD over nicotine should be obvious. The reason being nobody wants to experience painful physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms should they stop using a vaporising product. People should be able to quit a product like this whenever they want - and CBD offers a non-invasive, non-addictive substitute for nicotine.

For smokers, CBD as an aid to alleviating withdrawal symptoms and a replacement to ‘smoke’ via a vape is a key selling point for the supplement. The anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-anxiety effects of a dose of CBD can take the edge off nicotine cravings, or if you’re not addicted to anything at all, just take the edge off a particularly painful day.

So the answer is obvious - try vaping CBD and see how it can help you, and if you’re a smoker, maybe consider it as a means to help you quit. But this isn’t a miracle cure - the thing about the endocannabinoid system is that is has a different role to play in everyone’s body, according to the theory of neurodivergence. Whilst nicotine has a measurable cause and effect on the body, CBD is less understood, and has less of a chance of working in exactly the same way on everyone.

But again, this shouldn’t stop you from trying the CBD vaping route, no matter what you’ve got going on in your life. The stigma around using cannabis products is at an all-time low, vaping is on the rise, and the market for CBD UK based products is opening up before our very eyes.

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Please note - CBD is a supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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