CBD in the UK

CBD in the UK

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CBD in the UK

CBD UK Legal Status and Supply

One of the main questions we hear is – Is CBD oil legal in the UK? Well the short of it, yes it is legal in the UK provided the THC content remains 0% and it comes from a regulated importer. This is only a fairly recent change to the law and is only relevant to CBD not cannabis. Read more the situation below.

CBD UK Legal Status

The CBD UK legal status has been a contentious subject until recently. The UK has taken a more or less zero-tolerance approach towards hemp and hemp products for many decades - CBD/Hemp tinctures were available in pharmacies as a recognised medicine and included in the British Pharmacopeia up until the 1970’s. The plant and its associated products was made illegal in the United Kingdom on the 28th of September 1928, as an addition to the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920. Since then, various changes to the law have kept it illegal, such as the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 which classified all hemp products as a Class B drug, even industrial hemp and CBD.

Legislation to change the law on CBD in the UK has come into the fore fairly recently however, as lawmakers, politicians, consumers, businesses and pretty much everyone else is coming to realise the usefulness of the non-intoxicating supplement for a variety of purposes. In 2017 the Home Office officially recognised CBD does not meet criteria for the psychoactive substances act 2016, meaning it could be used in supplements much more widely. This coincided with a review by the World Health Organisation stating that there is no potential risk of abuse with CBD, it is safe to consume and it has known restorative effects.

CBD UK Supply

The supplements market for CBD in the UK is potentially huge, but currently it’s in its infancy - high street retailers such as Holland & Barrett have tested the water with cbd-infused oil products of a fairly low strength, but these have sold fairly quickly. In fact, the market for CBD oil products doubled in less than a year - according to the Cannabis Trades Association UK the amount of consumers went from 125,000 a year ago to 250,000 when Holland & Barrett started selling it.

With so many people wanting to get their hands on the supplement to try it for themselves, we’re glad to be at the forefront of CBD UK supply chain - and we’re dedicated to getting out the most cutting-edge and useful supplements to our store as soon as possible. There’s so many ways to enjoy CBD - whether in a vape, balm, as an oil, or even in pure crystal form, and now CBD in the UK is enjoying a much more relaxed legal status, we’re confident we can help lead the way in making CBD bigger than ever.

You can find more information on CBD UK legal status in this statement from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, which has been published via a government website.


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