Can you use CBD while driving?

Can you use CBD while driving?

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A lot of people are concerned about the legality, safety and utility of using CBD while driving. This is because of CBD’s connection to cannabis and the reputation of cannabis products for impairing judgement or otherwise causing trouble when handling heavy machinery.

In terms of safety, CBD is completely safe to use on its own - it’s non toxic and won’t get you ‘high’ because in order to be legal to sell CBD products must contain no more than a trace amount of illegal intoxication THC, a naturally occurring amount which comes along for the ride in the extraction process.

As for driving a car on CBD, it’s somewhat of a grey area - we do know that CBD is known to decrease anxiety and promote the mindset you will need in order to have an easier, quicker night’s sleep - nevertheless this isn’t a cause of drowsiness in its own right. For some drivers being relaxed behind the wheel will be very beneficial, but for others, this might be a cause for concern as anxiety can sometimes keep them alert.

In terms of legality, and whether you’ll be pulled over and it’ll show up on a drug or breathalyser test, there are no real concerns with using CBD. For those cautious about the calming effects impairing their driving, it’s something you might want to try out in moderation, or see how CBD makes you feel before getting behind the wheel.

So, there isn’t a concrete conclusion, but suffice to say at the moment there isn’t any precedent or examples of CBD contributing to car accidents. Even in parts of America where intoxicating THC and associated cannabis products have been legalised, there are still concerns of road safety - but there are also no concrete conclusions either. It’s still a much less pressing concern for motorists than alcohol, and road rage.

If you’re planning to use CBD while, or before driving, the best solution we can suggest is to see what it does for you. Because of how our bodies word and because CBD stimulates the nervous system, the effects vary from person to person. If you’ve been using CBD for a while or, even for a little while, and notice it impairs your motor co-ordination or alertness (not to say that it definitely will mind you) maybe don’t get behind the wheel.

However, some drivers may experience the opposite effect - calmness and less feelings of anxiety may well help on the road, especially if you are prone to stress when you get behind the wheel. At any rate, exercise caution, take a few short trips to familiarise yourself, and above all be smart when you get in that car, especially when you are ferrying passengers.

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