Can CBD help you sleep?

Can CBD help you sleep?

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People have a somewhat complicated relationship with sleep - we crave more, don’t get enough, sometimes even get too much. We snore, toss and turn and always seem to be struggling with getting what’s known as ‘a good night’s sleep’. When you include CBD into this conversation, the question on everyone’s minds is what does CBD blam do when it comes to affecting your sleep?

The first thing to consider about CBD is it has a diverse array of effects depending on the person who uses it. The concept of neurodivergence means that as a nervous system stimulator, CBD will affect people differently. The endocannabinoid system it interacts with is quite unique from person to person - CBD might for example have different effects on someone with ADHD, or someone with a central nervous system disorder such as Fibromyalgia.

As a result, CBD may not work for you as a sleep aid like it does for someone else. But let’s move on to talking about the ways it can help people get to sleep, when it does work in the way it is commonly expected to.

For those who have trouble clearing their mind and must experience extreme fatigue before sleeping, a hot, milky drink with a dash of CBD botanicals might help calm things down before bed because it can help reduce anxiety. Combined with a warm beverage this equals a decent combination for helping get the shut-eye you need.

Muscular aches, pains or just general physical discomfort can also make the transition from wakefulness to sleep a bit more difficult - again, this is another thing CBD works well at helping alleviate. Those who toss and turn trying to get comfortable with an ache or pulled arm or leg from exercise can benefit from the supplement during the winding down period before sleep.

A portion of CBD may also help act as a concentration aid, which is fairly useful for when you have just got into bed and need to uncouple from reality with a good book before you drift off to sleep. This is particularly useful for those who experience hyperactivity or have trouble getting into a more meditative state after a full-on day.

Studies have also shown that CBD can increase the total time you remain asleep, at least when the supplement was tested on some friendly lab rats. These helpful rodents demonstrated that CBD effects REM sleep and generally has a mild positive effect on the sleep/wake cycle, which could be beneficial for people whose sleep patterns are often disrupted.

As always with CBD, we urge you to try it at least once and see what the results are. It is surprisingly fickle and doesn’t offer any concrete guarantees of success - and because of our limited understanding of neurology and the way our endocannabinoid system works we can’t be entirely confident in saying it’ll work. But there is some evidence building up that for difficult sleepers it may offer some light assistance as the more casual supplementary level. However if persistent chronic insomnia or sleep trouble continues, see your doctor as soon as you can.

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