5 Everyday Uses For Hemp

5 Everyday Uses For Hemp

Authored By The Hempmeister

5 Everyday Uses For Hemp

Hemp Nail Polish:

Hemp oil can be incorporated into a nail polish to help the nails grow. Protein, vitamin E and fatty acids in the oil are all very good for the nails. As the polish protects nails from wear and tear, the oil also helps the nails recover and keeps them strong. You can even apply the oil with a brush on its own as a natural protection for your nails.

Hemp Milk:

Milk made from hemp is great on cereal - and it’s definitely one of the more tasty dairy alternatives. It’s made by soaking hemp seeds then crushing and grinding them in water until the mixture is creamy. The average glass contains a nourishing range of vitamins and minerals and isn’t all that different from cow’s milk so it’s a great vegan option.

Hemp Lotion:

A few drops of Hemp oil on its own rubbed into the skin on your hands helps keep them soft, and there are plenty of products that take advantage of this alongside other ingredients. Hemp oil lotion provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to products made with non-sustainable mineral oils derived from fossil fuels. 

Hemp Paper:

Paper was very common up until the plant became more restricted by the law. A field of hemp can produce more paper than you might get from a field of trees, and even better it grows in just four months. The fibers in the stem of a hemp plant are very strong, plus a lot more of the plant is able to be made into paper than in the case of a tree. It’s great for making thick, strong paper but also for delicate items like tea bags.

Hemp Shampoo:

A lot of shampoos today can strip hair of its naturally built up oils - while this makes it soft and smell nice it does damage the hair somewhat. Hemp oil makes a great addition to your hair care routine, as the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, nourish hair follicles and can even help prevent hair loss. It’s also kind to your scalp and can help with flakiness or irritation there too.


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